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Oct 15, 2013 · Game updates/2013-10-15. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki < Game updates. Jump to: navigation, search. which can be used to buy a Mini Bloody Prince Thorn and 20-slot candy-pail inventory bags. He will also combine stacks of chattering skulls, ... Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes ... Leatherworker Bag Recipes - Guild Wars 2 Wiki Guide - IGN Nov 04, 2016 · Recipe Name Level Materials 8 Slot Rawhide Leather Pack : 0 Strectched Rawhide Leather Squares x10 : 8 Slot Invisible Leather Pack 25 Piles of Glittering Dust x3 Strectched Rawhide Leather Squares x10 GW2 – Bunch of miscellaneous chat codes | HowellQ Dec 23, 2013 · GW2 – Bunch of miscellaneous chat codes. 20 Slot Fractal Bag [&AgF6lAAA] Left-out Halloween ToTbags: Jumbo Trick-or-Treat Bag [&AgFVjQAA] ... This entry was posted in Chat Codes, Guild Wars 2 and tagged chat codes, guild wars 2, gw2…

You can trade Candy Corn for new Halloween items like a Mini Bloody Prince, a 20-slot Halloween Pail, and special crafting items needed for Halloween weapons! Mask of the Night. Participate in rounds of Mad King Says to prove your ability to obey the maniacal monarch’s whimsies and earn yourself a Mask of the Night!

Blood and Madness | The Elder Scrolls Online Guides Upon logging into Guild Wars 2, you’ll receive an email from Magister Tassi of the Durmand Priory. She’s in urgent need of assistance in containing a mysterious, sinister artifact she found in the ruins of the Nolani Academy.