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Non-U.S. Players at WSOP Requested to Show Two Forms of… When the news originally broke on Thursday players were told that they were required to show two forms of ID, causing a sudden jolt of panic within the"This policy is a result of federal requirements for licensed casinos to use all reasonable efforts to obtain a permanent address of its customers, not... WSOP Rule Change: Non-US Players Need Two Forms of I.D WSOP rule change means non-US players are strongly advised to bring two forms of identification each time they plan to play in a WSOP event.“Attention non-US WSOP players: You’ll want a 2nd form of ID besides passport to reg for events. Need ID proving your residency/current address.”

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Legal Forms of Identification | Legal Beagle Other Forms of Legal ID. Photo ID cards issued by the U.S. military are considered a legal form of identification, along with pilot's licenses, certified copies of school transcripts, certificates of baptism issued by a recognized church and U.S. government employee identification cards bearing a recent photograph and signature. Gambling Laws in Las Vegas. What You Need to Know Casinos report gambling winnings for these games to the IRS when a player wins $1,200 or more from a bingo game or slot machine or if the proceeds are $1,500 or more from a keno game. When you exceed these amounts, the casino may withhold taxes and will provide you with IRS Form W-2G. Instructions for Forms W-2G and 5754 (2019) | Internal ...

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2 Forms of ID required in casinos for big wins?? - Las Jul 17, 2009 · The casino will ask for ID, usually a driver's license and they will ask you for your SS#. They will comfirm this back in their office so don't try to be cute. You'll have to sign a G2 (?) form for tax purposes and have the decision to have the taxes taken out, right there,... Acceptable Forms of Identification | Rivers Casino Acceptable Forms of Identification. You must be 21 years of age or older to enter Rivers Casino. We card patrons who look 30 or under. 1) A valid driver’s license or non-driver identification card issued by the commissioner of motor vehicles, the federal government, any United States territory, commonwealth or possession, the District of Columbia,... WSOP Players Encouraged to Use Two Forms of ID May 28, 2014 · WSOP Players Encouraged to Use Two Forms of ID May 28th, 2014 by Sean Gibson The WSOP, to comply with federal laws in the United States, is requesting that all foreign players bring two forms …