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Ubisoft has just published the official trailer for the upcoming The Division 2 Raid. This is the first Raid Ever added in The Division series, and all it needed was a sequel to it. Well, The second chapter is always considered to be more successful than the previous, considering the fact you got a lot of time to learn from the mistakes.

An upcoming The Division 2 update brings big changes to the game's skills, skill mods, and weapon mods, and it also tweaks the power of several weapons. ... and there will be a mod for every ... Gear with mod slots - Tom Clancy's The Division Message ... For Tom Clancy's The Division on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Gear with mod slots". Backpack won't accept this firearms mod :: Tom Clancy's ... Tom Clancy's The Division PTS. ... NOPE. the reason you cant add the firearms mod is because you already have one in there. the other 2 slots clearly say performance mod slots. those performance mods do not have stats. they are utility mods. like healing station does x% more healing. or pulse lasts 3 seconds longer or whatever. its working as ... The Division 2’s newest patch sets the stage for the first ... The Division 2’s first raid is almost here. After a multi-week delay, Operation Dark Hour will land on live servers May 16. Players don’t know what to expect from a Division raid, but it’s the activity fans have been preparing for for months.

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The Division 2 Xbox One early review: A polished and ... The Division 2 Xbox One early review: A polished and addictive shooter ... but also four mod slots which supposedly allow you to tailor and customize their functionality even further. While I ...

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Mod Slots. Weapons can be equipped with modifications that are nothing else than items. The number of modifications that can be attached is based on the number of mod slots the weapon has, which in turn depends on the weapon’s archetype, item level and rarity level. Mod slots - General Discussion - Tom Clancy's The Division ...

Mod Slot The only reason you would ever want a mod slot on a piece of gear is to activate weapon talents. It is a significant DPS loss (or general stat loss) to prioritize mod slots on your gear.

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