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1 有用 Durrrr 2013-08-14 当时卖2000多usd一本ecopy 10个人看了之后走火入魔8个 没对poker有深刻理解盲目阅读只有破产。。。 Vendo libro Let There Be Range tradotto in ... - Forum Poker ciao a tutti,sono qui per proporvi il libro Let There Be Range di Cole South e Try Nguyen completamente tradotto in italiano,e cosa ancora migliore non al prezzo originale di 1850$ :D ma ad un prezzo decisamente più abbordabile;il libro è in pdf e completo di tutte le immagini e illustrazioni. Se interessati o avete qualche dubbio potete mandarmi un mp o rispondere anche qui. Let There be Range en français - Livres, DVDs & logiciels ... Je vends ce livre qui valait 2500$. Ma version est en français. Je suis l'auteur de la traduction et je la vends avec l'autorisation écrite de l'auteur. ... Let There Be Range - Flop Turn River

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Honestly, the book is worth while. It is very good. Aaron Jones released an audio "memoir" where he talked strategy with LuckyChewey that cost $5000. I pirate everything, and both Let There Be Range and aejones' memoir were very good, and to be honest, if you play mid stakes, they're probably worth the money. Here's Let There Be Range Let.there.Be.Range.Poker.Ebook.PDF-IPT - DHT Search Let.there.Be.Range.Poker.Ebook.PDF-IPT. Screenshot. If you want download Let.there.Be.Range.Poker.Ebook.PDF-IPT, please use BitComet, uTorrent or other BT clients. DIGBT is the BitTorrent DHT search engine. DHT is a protocol for searching nodes which distribute a torrent. ... Lists That Contain Let There Be Range!: Crushing SSNL/MSNL ...

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Fold Equity: The Art Of Forcing Your Opponent To Lay Down Their Hand May 26, 2018 ... In poker, you can win in one of two ways: The first is to have the best hand at ... their opponent a range and targeting a part of that range to fold out. ... they more passive and content with letting other players control the action? Libros - Poker10 Professional No-Limit Hold 'em: Volume I, de Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta y Ed Miller . The Poker Blueprint, de Aaron Davis y Tri Nguyen. Let there be range!

Jan 21, 2016 ... A capped range is one that has a clear 'bound' in terms of the strongest possible hands. ... could have at the table, since there is just too much information to keep up with. ... Let's visualize this with two simple examples…

What is a Hand Range? Hand ranges demystified Once you're pretty comfortable with playing a basic, A-B-C poker strategy, it's probably time to learn about hand ranges. You've most likely heard the term hand range before, especially if you've visited any of the popular poker forums online. The hand range is the basic unit of modern hand analysis. What exactly are capped ranges, and how can i use them to my ... A good example is when a reg checks turn on a kinda scary board and valuebets something like half pot on the river. His range is capped at toppair at that moment and can be attacked by a checkraise of reraise because his one pair isn't good enough to call a raise there. I hope this makes sense.